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About Walt's Struggle

From my earliest childhood I was sure I had been born into the wrong body. I struggled for nearly 35 years to accept and resolve the gender conflict within. I was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and approved for gender reassignment surgery.

Eight years after the surgery I was struggling again with “the wrong body” and regret came. I had to admit to myself that the surgery I so desperately sought years before was not the correct treatment. I changed back to living in my male birth gender.

My thanks to Darrell Evans for his inspiring and powerful song, “Trading My Sorrows.” I have traded my sorrows for a relationship with Jesus Christ; my identity remains in Him.

--Walt Heyer

Walt's Books

Walt's memoir, Trading My Sorrows, tells the story of how Walt came to believe that surgery was the answer and how the truth set him free. Read more about Trading My Sorrows.

Paper Genders is Walt's latest book which uses research and personal stories to describe the phenomena of transgenderism. More info is available at the bookstore.

Walt's Background

Walt Heyer has been a corporate national operations manager, an associate design engineer for the Apollo space mission, and developer and owner of a self-storage business. In the fifteen years since his psychology studies in drug and alcohol dependence at U.C. Santa Cruz, Walt has been guiding people through the rough places of their lives.