Walt's Story

From male to female and back again

Over 30 years ago, I underwent sex reassignment surgery at the hands of a skilled sex change surgeon, Dr. Stanley Biber. 

Ever since I could remember, I felt like I was born into the wrong body. The diagnosis was gender dysphoria, or gender identity disorder. The transgender support community provided an answer—take hormones and get sex reassignment surgery. In other words, change into a woman. But can you really change?

Dr. Biber claimed that he had changed me from a man into a woman. Years later the truth emerged—Dr. Biber’s own words in an affidavit to a California court stated no sex change occurred. I was indeed still a man.

My perfectly good body parts had been amputated. Years of looking like and living as a woman did not bring the promised treatment or relief. I still suffered from psychological issues which needed to be properly diagnosed and treated.

I turned to Jesus Christ, who surrounded me with His loving people. Through their unconditional love, I finally received treatment for dissociative disorder and now I am restored as a father, husband and man.

Now we are celebrating my restored life, and I'm here to share the amazing story with you through my book, Trading My Sorrows.

Walt Heyer


"...a remarkable book..."
Steve Farrar, best-selling author

“Forget political correctness--here is a hard hitting account of the truth about surgical genders. But it is also an incredible story of God's grace and of the faithfulness of supportive friends. You will be changed by what you read.”

--David Stoop, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and Gold Medallion winning author

"…a true miracle story...about a very personal and powerful struggle... Walt's story will take you through valleys marked with dark despair and land you on the mountaintop of victory. Walt is a living testimony of God's amazing grace."

--Jim Smoke, internationally known Author, Speaker and Life Coach

"Walt's compelling life story has many invaluable lessons for all of us. Most importantly, the journey of healing and recovery can require a tenacious commitment to stay the course, and a faithful community providing steadfast love, unyielding support, and an unconditional acceptance of the person in process. Even with God's caring intervention, healing can take a lifetime."

--Jonathan "Sunny" Arnold, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, President and Founder of Christian Counseling Centers, Inc. 

Trading My Sorrows is a very well written memoir about a spiritually broken man who struggles through abuse, bad advise, life altering mistakes, and a sex change operation. A person who can be so humble to detail his life's tragedies is a hero in my opinion. How he overcomes his challenges through his belief in God is remarkable and worth reading. Happy endings are a good thing.

I read the negative reviews (on Amazon.com) and I have to ask, why so angry? I found nothing in Walt's book to anger anyone. We all speak of God in different ways, how He's influenced our life, what He means to us. Some, of course, don't believe in any superior being that helps direct our life. All that is fine, to each his own. The way Walt accepted God into his life, and the way his belief allowed him to achieve a peaceful existence is Walt's emotional processing, not anyone else's. No need for anger.

Walt faced fruitful opportunities in the course of his life, but because he lacked strength, he didn't have the soulful fortitude he needed to escape consequences of his unguided decisions. How does an alcoholic, a drug addict find his way toward righteousness when clouded by detrimentally mind altering substances? Walt found his way to happiness through God. It worked for Walt, nothing wrong with that.

Read Walt's book. I'm sure the majority of readers will enjoy it.


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Trading My Sorrows has been re-released as A Transgender's Faith.
A Transgender's Faith

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Paper Genders

Paper Genders by Walt Heyer

Paper Genders (April 2011) Get the knowledge you need to avoid the common pitfalls associated with changing genders. Contains personal stories and new research studies on transgenders.

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